We are a community library with a special focus on garden & DIY tools and the aim to support greening projects & a sharing economy.

The library project was initiated by residents of William Morris Big Local, made possible by William Morris Big Local funding & is run by Forest Recycling Project.



How to become a WTL member

1. Create an account (top right). 

2. Read and sign our User Agreement

3. Choose between 3 memberships, pay online or redeem your WTL gift card:

  • Regular: £30 / year
  • Concession: £10 / year for those who cannot afford the regular fee
  • Sponsor: £40 / year for those who want to sponsor someone else's membership

4. Verify your email address.

Complete your membership in person: The first time you visit us, please bring 

  • a photo ID and
  • proof of address.








How to borrow tools

Reserve the tools you want to borrow, and select a time slot to pick them up. Please note: You can only reserve items 7 days in advance!

You can borrow 5 tools at a time and keep them for 7 days - with the option to renew the loan for one week. Return them clean & ready for the next user

All tools will be quarantined for at least 72h upon return and disinfected twice by us: on receipt of the item and before it goes out again.

How to donate tools

Please check out our tool wish list to see what we are after. If you have any good condition tools to donate, send an email to tools@frpuk.org