3x Hand Tools - Sharpening Service Overdue

Book your sharpening service!

Please note: This service is free for members twice a year, if you'd like more items sharpened, we kindly ask £3 per tool - like we do from non-members.

Bring a maximum of 3 hand tools e.g. secateurs, loppers, shears - unfortunately we are not able to sharpen saws at this point! And obviously we DO NOT sharpen any kind of weapons!

Please let us know what you are bringing in the note/request section.

Upon inspection tools that need maintenance may accrue an additional charge,  e.g. de-rusting, tightening, changing parts. We will be in touch if you would like extra work done.

We're aiming to sharpen your items within a week, if we need more time, we will renew your "loan" for another week and notify you.